p. 1-8

This is my 24 hour comic drawn in a stupendous and painful 22 hours 41 mins from midnight, as it surprised me, on 24th February 2010. Pages 9-16 can be found here, or through the archive if lost. Clock on.

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6 Responses to “p. 1-8”

  1. Penelopa Says:

    This blog some nice! Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. vero Says:

    Est-ce que votre fil RSS a des soucis en ce moment ? J’ai essayé d’y accéder mais Google Chrome affiche une erreur.

  3. Frances Gelabert Says:

    I stumbled upon this site from looking over Google and just wanted to say thanks for this informational post on Emetophobia. My son actually is afflicted with this disorder and this might help them out. Thanks again!

  4. Andrew Says:

    @vero Pas à ma connaissance. J’ai eu des problèmes regarder les images suis allé il suis allé la première fois en ligne, je n’en ai eu aucun depuis lors. Il n’y a aucune mise à jour prévue à ce blog, car c’était un projet d’un seul bloc.

    @Frances I had not considered the implications of talking about an anxiety-based disorder like that. I suspect techniques: abstinence/tolerance, yoga and biofeedback training/learning are applicable in both cases. Thanks for the link and let me know how you both get on. Where time allows.

  5. chicago web designer Says:

    Nice Blog… Going to go through one post a time and read this whole website like it was designed for a magazine.

  6. Absence 24 Says:

    […] Absence 24 a 24 page comic in 24 hours about andy luke and epilepsy « p. 1-8 […]

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